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100 Senators Sign a Petition Against Anti-Semitism

The wave of threats against Jewish institutions in the United States has not stopped.  On Tuesday there were telephone threats and emails to Jewish Community Centers all around the United States. Centers in New York, Florida, Wisconsin and more places were threatened and these community centers were evacuated. Since January more than 100 threats were made causing great inconvenience to all those centers that evacuated and disrupted their day.

However, this time not only the Jews protested but every single senator, all one hundred of them signed a request to ask the government to increase security to all these Jewish organizations and to step up the fight against anti-Semitism

The Senators also sent a letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security, to the state prosecutor and to the head of the FBI.
It should be mentioned that the threats continue even though there's a federal investigation that led to the arrest of Juan Thompson, a former newspaper suspected of sending bomb threats to Jewish community centers.

Law enforcement agencies in America pointed out that they're investigating over a hundred threats against Jewish organizations that seem not to be related to Thompson.


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