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60 Second Headlines: North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile

Top Headlines:

North Korea does its first ballistic missile testing in Trump’s presidency. South Korea is worried and Trump said “this is intolerable”.

Surprising possibility: MK Tzipi Livni may be undersecretary to the UN. This possibility is an attempt by the UN to placate the U.S. for the UN’s unfortunate choice of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad as the head of the UN mission to Libya. Livni says she received no formal offer. Both the U.S. and Israel oppose Fayyad’s appointment since it is a further reward to terror to treat the PA to state status and give a PA member an official UN position.

Israel news

An Egged bus burst into flames on Route 38 next to Eshtaol after the fuel tank exploded. Miraculously, all the passengers were able to safely exit the bus uninjured.  

Bus driver lightly wounded from a Molotov cocktail and stones thrown at a bus and other vehicles on Route 443. The bus driver was hospitalized with light wounds.

A 10,000 shekel fine will be given to companies that aren’t clear about giving services to outlying areas. This is a law proposed by the economic committee to be voted upon, requiring companies to delineate until where their services are available.


The upcoming Trump Netanyahu meeting is raising tensions in Israel. Bennett wants Israel to declare that they are leaving the 2 state solution. On the other hand Trump in an interview to Israeli media said “the settlements do not help the peace process”. Trump also backed off moving the Emabassy to Jerusalem.

Gafni to British Ambassador: We are for having careful negotiations and against all provocations” MK Moshe Gafni told the British Ambassador. Gafni explained the position of Degel  HaTorah has maintained for many years and the policy that Rabbi Shach instituted  which opposes “all provocation of foreign nations.”

World news

After the courts upheld the restraining order against Trump’s strongly vetting visitors from 7 countries before entry to the U.S., 3,000 visitors from those countries have entered the U.S. in the past 2 days.

Israel weather

Today: Scattered showers across Israel from North to South with thunderstorms. Eastern and Southern Israel have flash flood warnings. Mount Hermon will receive a light snowfall. Possibility of haze in Southern Israel. Temperatures are going down to below normal seasonal levels. Tonight there will be more scattered rains and thunder showers possible snow on the Hermon and flood warnings for Eastern and Southern Israel.

Monday: Scattered showers from Northern Israel to the Northern Negev with scattered thunder showers. More flood warnings for Eastern and Southern Israel. Snowfall on the Hermon and possibility of snow on other northern peaks. Temperatures will be lower than seasonal norms.

Tuesday: Occasional rains in Northern and Central Israel. Possibility of thundershowers. Possibility of flooding in the Dead Sea tributaries and Judean Desert. Colder than normal and possibility of snow on the Hermon and other Northern peaks.

Wednesday: Possibility of scattered showers in Northern and Central Israel. Colder than normal with possibility of snow on the Hermon and other Northern peaks.


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