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60 Seconds of Headlines: Iran Threatens to Burn Tel Aviv

Top of the news:
Rabbi Shteinman’s health situation is difficult and not stable. His situation has become worse. He has an unidentified infection that the doctors are trying to help him fight. Please pray for Harav Aharon Yehudah Leib ben Gittel Fayga for a complete recovery.

Israel Security:
Terrorists threw stones at cars passing the town of Husan right next to Beitar Illith. Three cars were heavily damaged and one religious driver was injured.

In Gaza it was reported that the commander in charge of Hamas explosives  was killed in a mysterious explosion at the Hamas command headquarters.

Middle East:
Iran threatened to burn Tel Aviv.  An Iranian commander said; “it only takes 7 minutes for an Iranian  missile to hit Tel Aviv.

In favor of the settlements: the Governor of Illinois wrote a letter to the EU warning them against boycotting produce from Judea and Samaria.

Fur law: The legislative committee deferred voting on prohibiting and penalizing the selling of furs and fur products (including the Hasidic Shtreimel head dressing) for 4 months.

World News:
The longest plane flight landed last night. It was a 16 hour flight from Qatar to new Zealand. The return flight will be “only” 15.5 hours.

A restaurant in Talmei Yosef called Shvil Hasalat, the Salad Road was caught with non kosher meat in it and had its kashrut certification removed.

Israel Weather:
Kiryat Shemona 7-19, Katzrin 6-15, Safed 6-13, Tiberius 7-20, Nazareth 8-16, Haifa 8-17, Tel Aviv 9-18, Jerusalem 7-15, Ashkelon 8-17, Ein Gedi 14-22, Beer Sheba 7-18, Arad 6-16, Mitzpe Rimon 6-15, Eilat 12-22.


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