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85% of Trump Voters Would Do It Again

Israel news:

Israel receives 2 more F-35 Adir stealth planes as part of the air force updating to the newest generation of fighter aircraft.

The ‘Jericho Flower’ also known as black fever is spreading around Yesha settlements: It is carried by sand flies who are companions with the rock badgers in Israel. Since the rock badger population is growing in Yesha the flies are wreaking havoc in Yesha settlements. In Tzofim alone 56 people got the fever and most of those are under age 14. The fever causes skin inflammation which can last up to 6 months. Yossi Dagan the head of the Yesha council requested help from the relevant authorities to rout this epidemic through distancing the rock badger from Yesha and dispersing the rock formations, the badger’s habitat.

The ministry of health began a campaign to fight osteoporosis, the number 1 cause of falling in senior citizens. Falling unfortunately is quite often a one way trip to deteriorating health so stopping osteoporosis (bone thinning becoming porous and brittle) is a national priority.

Cigarette makers must state ingredients and their level of toxicity and addictive properties according to a new law being proposed. Cigarettes have between 4,000 and 7,000 substances in them.350 are dangerous and 70 are carcinogenic so 3 law proposals are aimed to fix that by giving the ministry of health jurisdiction over cigarettes and tobacco products.

World news:

85% of Trump Voters Would Do It Again: A year after elections Trump still enjoys major support from those who voted him despite the onslaught of fake news and made to order investigations against him.

UK Minister of International development Priti Patel was forced to resign by her government for privately meeting Israeli leaders when on a personal vacation paid for from her own pocket. The British foreign ministry insisted she was supposed to inform them of her visit to dignitaries beforehand though she was on a private vacation.

Syria’s Army entered Abu Kamal after surrounding it and laying siege to rebel forces there: If Assad succeeds in routing the rebel forces he will have control of the passage from Iraq to Syria which is strategically very valuable.  


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