A Single Woman’s Letter to G-d

To the owner of the world’s biggest jewelry store the master of my (future) Jewel.

I go to the jewelry store and they show me many different choices of jewelry. Nice ones, shiny ones and precious ones. I go over the choices; the
first is too glittery the second squeezes a bit and someone else already is taking the third one.

I want to see other jewelry. They show me less attractive pieces now, less shiny, less precious and less… matching with what I want.

I want to see the jewelry they showed me before but some were already bought up and for some it’s not polite to look at them after looking at other jewelry.

The beauty of the jewelry is going down but I have hope that somewhere suddenly my jewel will come, nice, shiny, precious and most suited for me.

But he doesn’t come.

So perhaps I should look at what they proposed before and finish? Because the newer jewelry is becoming less and less attractive than the first and … maybe I won’t find my jewel forever? Perhaps I should just take some jewel and not be left with nothing? Who guarantees that I will find what I am looking for? Perhaps the jewel G-d created for me is a jewel that I think is not suitable for me? Who says I know what a suitable jewel is for me?


I polished myself to be more pure, more delicate, better, and now I can choose a jewel.

But where is my jewel? A jewel pure and precious that is suitable for me?

Shopping in the jewelry stores is tiring. It is so frustrating to find so many jewels that aren’t suitable for me.

The doubt gnawing in me to compromise is confusing me. Shall I stop and buy the jewel right in front of me and not search for what I’m looking for? It’s scary to think about remaining alone!

So I went home to rest up a bit, to gather strength and happiness to proceed.

Soon I’m going back to the jewelry store to find my jewel. From You G-d I ask; please give me the strength to search for him. Give me the
understanding to find him and the courage to choose him with the knowledge that he is mine.


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