A Young Woman’s Post about Anxiety Gets over 420,000 Shares!

When Nicole Moorefield posted about how she faces her anxiety she had no idea it would touch the hearts of thousands of people around the world and become viral. But there are good reasons why it went viral- it describes the terrible feelings she had and talks of things many people aren’t even aware are happening. “Anxiety is not only difficulty to breathe- something simple that everyone does, inhaling and exhaling. Anxiety is getting up 3 in the morning scared and confused and feel like you’re about to die because your heart is racing so fast.”

“Anxiety is running quickly from the room for no reason. Anxiety is feeling pressure from the smallest and silliest things even if they’re not true. Anxiety is asking G-d “why” 10 times a day; why do I deserve to feel so terrible? Anxiety is calling your sister 3 hours before she’s supposed to get up in the morning and hope she answers and helps you prevent the next anxiety attack, to distract you from it for just a moment.”

“Anxiety is when your mood swings from one end to the other in a matter of minutes; it’s crying from your gut, a deep painful cry. Anxiety is involuntary shaking and twitches, or feeling darkness envelop you entirely and cripple you.”

“Anxiety is the constant need to come up with new excuses for your behavior and never stop being afraid of yourself; from your strengths or your weaknesses. Anxiety is something alive and pulsing that depletes all your physical and emotional stores. Anxiety is endless fighting with your spouse and bursting out at something insignificant even though you’re not even angry at him. Anxiety is living with questions like what will happen to me if… or, what’s wrong with me?”

Nicole closes with a message for everyone and for those who like her suffer from anxiety: “Your feelings are important and you’re not the only ones suffering from anxiety. Many of the most successful people suffer from anxiety and succeed in climbing out of the cycle of weakness both physical and emotional. So why don’t you also choose to become part of that group of people? It’s not your fault that you are suffering so but you are strong and you have the strength to defeat this monster.”


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