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Actors Think They Can Write a Better Script

A group of actors is acting in a great famous play. They're totally immersed in it living and breathing it every moment they’re awake. Every time show goes up hey get excited anew! When they first got the script they had no idea why certain things happened they had no idea why the main character had to get wounded where he did and some of the actors thought that the scriptwriter was mistaken and that the play would have been much better if they themselves would have written it. However once they read through the whole script from beginning to end they were totally surprised. The end was totally unexpected! How was the writer so successful twisting everything in such a way that everything falls into place in the end? That everyone would leave the theater inspired with strong feelings? “Wow the script writer and producer, they’re geniuses! “ This is what the actors exclaimed when they finished reading the script. But the scriptwriter commented:  “Too bad you have to read the whole thing to come to that conclusion instead of understanding that I'm really an expert that knows my job and I do it in the best possible way.

We are actors in the world’s most famous play- our own lives! We play a part that we know from beforehand but sometimes our role doesn't seem so clear.  In the beginning the character we portray sometimes seems to be a matter of dispute. Sometimes we think the scriptwriter made a mistake and we could have written it better than him. What we fail to understand is that the scriptwriter is the greatest of all scriptwriters. He is the Creator of the world the one who knows us better than we know ourselves and knows exactly the purpose why we came to this world. He knows every incarnation our soul had from beforehand until now and even more than that, He knows how to make the best ending.

Quite often we don't understand what's behind the things happening to us. We think God forbid that God forgot us or made a mistake, but there's nothing further than the truth! God has been running the world for the past 5777 years.  We have a foundation that's written and proven to all of history that the Jewish nation is invincible we are the only nation that received the Torah with millions of people present. This wasn't a small private false revelation of one person! We are part of the Eternal Nation, God's beloved children to whom He just wants to give goodness to.  

Just sometimes it seems we have to pass through something that seems bad, something that seems like it's the end of the world. We may be hurting or wounded and mourning and we ask “why do I deserve this?” But time passes and life proves to us how what we thought was bad really was for our benefit. How come we didn't see it beforehand?  The answer is because we weren't bold enough to do the one thing that would save us from ourselves; to nullify our will before God's will.

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We make the blessing a few times a day; “Blessed are you God, Master of the universe, Whose words bring all into being”. We don't say that part or certain portion comes into being from his words. No; we say it all comes from his words! Everything totally!

Everything was created according to God’s watchful eye. The King of all Kings is the mighty King that leads the whole world with kindness compassion and exact justice that human intellect cannot comprehend. Therefore when it's difficult for us we should still believe that God's desire is the right one his will is stronger and wiser and better for me than my own well.

We don't pay enough attention to notice all the good that we have. Our evil inclination convinces us to focus on the lack on the pain. You have food? That's a big miracle! You got married? That's a big miracle! You have a house?  That's also a big miracle! Everyone must realize the very fact that he has a house to come back to is not self-understood and should not be taken for granted. Let's start thinking about this and start appreciating all the miracles and gifts that G-d gives us at any given moment and then we will start to see G-d’s great light that is leading us forward. Sometimes it leads to something unknown but always it will bring us back to safety.

The great sage Maimonides had a student that was about to die. Maimonides sent a letter to G-d with his student. Two days after the student passed away he came to Maimonides in a dream and told him “I'm sorry my teacher my master I have no answer to your question when I got to heaven to deliver the letter more and more great halls opened up before me in the Garden of Eden the place that was worthy of receiving the letter of the holy Maimonides. However, when I finally got to the destination I opened up the page to read the request and it was blank I couldn't read the question.”  In the dream Maimonides asks back; “how could that be?” but the student answered: “In heaven there are no questions, everything is clear everything that was in doubt down below becomes clear and obvious, as obvious as the sun.”

A woman who loses a child cannot say this is for my good because there's nothing more painful than losing a child. But if she would know that the soul of this child was such an elevated soul that it came just to fix some small minor fault, fixed it and went back to a world that's totally good, millions of times better than this world, she would stop crying.

We can't always see the reason or purpose of why things happen we don't always know what is behind God's will which often seems the opposite of our will. But we must become wise and nullify our will before His to be able to tell Him that we love Him even when we get what feels like a small smack. We must understand that God doesn't make a mistake. Sometimes it seems we're in a script that doesn't make sense to us but we should remember that the scriptwriter is our compassionate King and father that created all from his word.


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