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After 3 Months on a Respirator, Baby Hillel Yonatan Breathes On His Own

Baby Hillel Yonatan Tovim from Moshav Nachala was born in the Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot. He was delivered by a caesarian birth three months ago. At birth the doctors immediately saw he had no pulse, he wasn’t breathing plus he had complications in his heart and liver which caused general failure of all his body’s systems.

Yonatan Hillel was in a pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) on a respirator for three months when through the grace of G-d he surprisingly started to recuperate. Hillel Yonatan was recently discharged free to go home and celebrate Chanuka like everyone else!
His mother relates: “for three months Hillel Yonatan was artificially respirated. They told us he was born with serious and complicated heart problems that endanger his life. He fist was in the neonatal unit and was then moved to the PICU where he was on a respirator for three months.”

“The PICU staff was like family to me! Thank G-d my son is alive! I want to thank Dr. Shapiro the head of the PICU, the whole medical staff, interns, nurses, the supporting staff and the social worker that helped us cope. They didn’t leave Hillel alone for a moment nor did they stop being optimistic and smiley! They did everything they could to save our son,” said the mother tearfully.

Dr. Eli Shapiro, head of the PICU in Kaplan Hospital elaborated: “Three months is a long time to be artificially respirated. The medical staff used uncommon medicines to improve his heart function and blood supply to his vital organs.”
Hillel Yonatan underwent a surgery to correct and reconstruct bile ducts that were poorly developed in his liver and endangered his life. Dr. Boris Orkin, head of pediatric surgery, did the complex lifesaving operation allowing the bile to drain from his liver.  Dr. Shapiro said: “Afterwards we could see how he was improving day by day. His amazing parents cooperated and completely relied on us all along.”

“The moment we were able to say “Hillel Yonatan is going home” we felt very fortunate,” his mother said. “We went through a hard period with dark times but we were optimistic that G-d would help and these amazing doctors, they are literally angels in white! In the very near future Hillel Yonatan will have his Bris (circumcision). This Chanuka will be very special for us!”


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