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“All Arab Countries Should Be Like Israel”

An Israeli Arab woman named Dima was hosted on an Arab TV program and laid the truth out on the table. “Is there apartheid in Israel? No! Israel is not an apartheid nation and anyone who says it is should be ashamed of themselves for believing it. You live in this country and you have a blue (Israeli) ID card. You work, express yourself, study, talk, research, and become teachers and lawyers. You lead generations forward and live in a country that treats you with respect. Syria, Iraq, Egypt and all the Arab countries- what did they do to their own nations?”

The program host who still doesn’t get it turns to the guest and asks: “I want to understand- what exactly is there in Israel?”

She answered: “Israel is a democratic country and in its declaration of independence it states that there are also minorities within it; an Arab minority, a Druze minority and others. What is a democratic country? A country that respects its nation and the people who live in it and gives them freedom of religion, the right to education, work, to be elected and even become judges, lawyers, Knesset members, and to address the Knesset about whatever issues they choose and also gives them the right to freedom. Where else can this be found?”

The program host still doesn’t get it and asks how Israel is a democracy but Dima answers: “The mere fact the country gives you a platform to express yourself through it when in Russia there is no possibility for media to express any opinion of a position the government opposes- that itself is proof that Israel is a democracy! I can work in any job my life experience allows, these work places are open to every Arab as they are open to every Jew. I wish all Arab countries and their inhabitants and all Arab companies would have a democracy like Israel’s!”

“I consider myself an Arab Muslim woman that has Israeli citizenship and I’m proud to live in a country that respects me and gives me rights…”

The host interrupts her and asks, “What rights do you have?” She answers: “The mere fact you can express your views. I’m not interested in politics nor in any political party. What interests me is one thing; today’s reality and that I see the truth. Whether or not they want us to see it, we will see it. I wish we would start looking at all the good things in this country and start living in mutual harmony and love one another. There is no Israeli conquest or occupation; I don’t live under Israeli occupation. I have many democratic rights and I hope we will start living with mutual responsibility and start to move forward, to raise the level of our dialogue and our responses and begin to seek out success. Let’s open our eyes and see that we’re in a democratic country that respects its people and gives them many rights.”

“I’m not a politician in any way shape or form; I am a minority living in Israel that can present itself. I’m proud to stand and talk about Israel and to be an integral part of it. I also recommend all Arab countries to adapt a model of democratic rule like Israel’s. I also want to inform you that more than 90% of the Palestinians and Gaza residents also wish they could live under this rule.”


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