Amelia Earhart: An 80 Year Old Aviation Mystery Solved?

In 1937 Amelia Earhart was on her way across the world and on what turned out to be her last flight. She was en route to Howland Island from the Lae, New Guinea Airfield with her navigator Fred Noonan. During this flight they disappeared without a trace somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

For years people discussed conspiracy theories about the crash. Some say they crashed on the Marshall Islands and didn’t survive the crash. Some say they ran out of fuel and landed in the sea and were never found as they tried to survive.  Some say they successfully landed on Gardner Island but starved to death and yet other say the Japanese shot at their plane forcing them to land.

80 years later people think the mystery may be solved. A recent documentary wants to confirm the Amelia Earhart actually made it to the Marshall Islands in a crash landing but was taken captive by the Japanese. The movie shows a picture from US government archives with people who look like Amelia and her navigator where facial feature experts say it is indeed them.

The movie shows wreckage of a plane that could have been hers and the movie also featured Japanese eyewitnesses who claim they saw her being taken into captivity. The movie explains that the Marshall Islands were under Japanese control at the time and the held Amelia captive thinking she was an American spy. The moviemakers also claim that the US government knew about this captivity all along but did nothing to save her. They say she died in captivity.

Sean Henry formerly a senior person in the FBI concludes the movie saying: “The movie talks about the world’s most famous woman pilot that got swept into an international conflict and was abandoned by her government. It is possible she was the first WWII victim.”


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