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America Prepares For Nuclear War

Israel news:

Israeli Gasoline is going down in price .8% next month due to the weakened dollar. World oil went down 2.2% in the past 2 days leaving the price at $50-$52 per barrel. Brent which is used for the Israel price index remained $57 per barrel.

Bride and groom’s wedding car robbed during photo shoot in Jaffa. The bride and groom returned to their car shocked to discover it broken into and missing cell phones, credit cards and expensive jewelry. Though hurt, the family rallied and cheered the newlyweds up to make sure the wedding stayed happy. There was dancing in the streets from Bnei Brak all the way to the ‘Opera’ wedding hall in Petach Tikva even before the wedding.

Thousands of eggs with the label ‘Yesh Maof’ were found to have salmonella: ‘Yesh Maof’ says that veterinary lab checks confirm the farms they get eggs from have no traces of salmonella and the eggs are forgeries of people that want to profit from our good name and can cause harm to the licensed egg industry and endanger lives. For precaution they said not to use certain eggs with certain numbers.

World news:

The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian both discuss cell phones ‘being monsters’ and ‘robbing our minds’: The antidote is to disconnect and since this Shabbat is the international World Wide Shabbat Project it’s a great opportunity to try disconnecting for 25 hours. See related article

America prepares ‘immediate nuclear response’: In light of North Korea’s nuclear threat American air force bases increased their level of preparedness to be able to react to a nuclear attack within 24 hours for the 1st time since the cold war. The air force commander says “this is not in response to any direct planned attack rather it’s a step necessary in today’s reality.”

Russia refuses to allow Israel to assist the Kurds: Israel asked Russia for a free zone to fly humanitarian aid to the Kurds in Iraq. Russia refused it saying it would endanger Russian oil investments in the area. However, Russia and Israel do agree that the Kurds should be supported and spoke in favor of their independence.  


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