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Anti Semitism Rises Greatly in US

Statistic show that there was an 86% increase in Anti-Semitic incidents this quarter year as compared to the last quarter of 2016. This was one of the findings of the ADL annual report of such incidents. In 2016 Anti-Semitic incidents had dramatically increased 66% but in the first quarter of 2017, anti-Semitic incidents increased to 86%.

In numbers this translates into 541 incidents that happened these past 3 months. Most of the incidents took place in cities with large Jewish populations. 87 incidents happened in California, 97 in New York, 24 in New Jersey, 41 in Florida and 38 in Massachusetts.
According to the ADL, Anti-Semitic incidents have increased since Trump entered office. In addition, bullying and destruction of property related to anti-Semitism doubled in elementary and high schools.

In this study, the ADL asked what Americans feel about anti-Semitism and most responded that they are very worried.
ADL Chairman Jonathan Greenblatt said: “There’s no doubt that we have much work to do and we must treat this battle with more urgency. We must stop Anti-Semitism and additional leaders need to raise their voices against Anti-Semitism.”


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