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Anticipated Impact of Jewish Votes This US Elections

It is well known that Jews in America are more left leaning than the entire country as a whole. Now a new poll by Steinhardt Social Research Institute broke down the population of Jews in each state according to their education, political parties, and age, among other things. It found that over 54 percent of American Jews identify themselves as Democrats, in contrast to 36.3 percent of Americans.
The greatest percentage of Jews live in California, New York, and Florida which combined contain nearly 50 percent of the entire U.S. Jewish population. California and New York lean left, and Florida is a swing state.  
Map of red, blue, and swing states based on past four presidential elections. [Wikimedia Commons]
A poll commissioned by Schlep Labs PAC found that although Orthodox Jews in Florida overwhelmingly support Trump, Florida Jews on the whole prefer Clinton over Trump, 66 to 23 percent.
The Jewish vote in key swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania will play a major role in this election. Both states combined make up 49 electoral votes.
Here are the swing states, with the percentage of Jews in their population:

  •   Wisconsin — 0.62%
  •   Michigan — 1.09 percent
  •   Virginia — 1.74 percent
  •   Colorado — 1.88 percent
  •   New Hampshire — 1.97 percent
  •   Pennsylvania — 2.62 percent
  •   Florida — 4.27 percent
  •   North Carolina — 1.23 percent
  •   Ohio — 1.54 percent
  •   Iowa — 0.74 percent
  •   Nevada — 2.76 percent

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