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Arab MK: ‘Israel is an Arab, Islamic, Palestinian Country’

The usual Muslim attitude seen all over the west is that locals have to bend their standards to accommodate Muslims but Muslims owe nothing to the locals. This is the standard in Israel, too, where Muslim crime, tax evasion and welfare is far out of proportion to their numbers, and the local Jewish populace is forced to fund the Muslims who naturally feel it is their due from the infidels. 

This double standard became apparent again when the proposed “Muezzin Law” to ban the use of loudspeakers in houses of worship elicited a hysterical reaction from an Arab MK of the Joint List.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the bill on Sunday, clearing the way for its passage by the Knesset. The law is intended to end the noise pollution caused by mosques using high volume electronic loudspeakers during Islam's five daily calls to prayer. The first call is often before dawn, can be heard for miles around, and wakens many people from their sleep. 

Speaking to the Hamas mouthpiece Falastin on Sunday, MK Jamal Zahalka blasted the move for violating what he claims is the country’s “fundamentally Islamic, Arabic, Palestinian character.”

Zahalka added, “The muezzin’s voice will continue to thunder across the country, and anyone who doesn’t like that or is irritated by the muezzin’s call to prayer can go back to their place of origin and not have to hear the muezzin.” He implied that Jews are usurpers in this part of the world while Muslims are the natives.

We hope the Israeli government will get some spine and offer those who do not like the law to “go back to their place of origin and hear the muezzin there.” We also hope that if the law is passed, Israeli police will actually enforce it unlike plenty of the Israeli laws dealing with Muslim offenses that just remain on the books.

Zahalka also said he opposed the flying of the Israeli flag in or around the Old City of Jerusalem, because the holy city is “Muslim”, and an Israeli flag there constituted a violation of the international status quo.


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