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Arab Woman Who Collapsed on Plane Saved by Chassidic Paramedics

Jews in the City reported a heartwarming story of Jewish kindness: 

Two Satmar chassidim, Beirish Shonbrun and Avraham Meir Miller, living in Kiryat Yoel in New York, were on their way back home from the Ukraine, where they had celebrated a Torah dedication and bar mitzva ceremony in the city of Kuresteen. Both of them have been visiting Kuresteen's yeshiva almost monthly for the past 15 years, and Shonbrun is a “mohel” as well as a successful contractor. Both of them are longtime volunteers in Kiryat Yoel's Hatzolah organization.

Halfway through their plane's 10-hour flight, an Arab woman approached flight attendants stationed in the plane's rear, claiming she did not feel well and then collapsed on the floor of the plane.

When the stewardess made an announcement over the intercom asking if anyone had medical training, Shonbrun and Miller immediately responded and made their way to the back of the plane. Both men brought their medical kits and certification cards along with them. Another Arab passenger offered to serve as translator.

Shonbrun brought the Arab woman to consciousness. When she began throwing up, Shonbrun cleaned her up, took her vitals, and heard her medical history, after which he was able to stabilize her. Due to the chassidim’s treatment, the woman recovered sufficiently so it was not necessary to make an emergency landing.


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