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A Hospital Encounter Made in Heaven

The father of the sick child said he would become religious if he would see yeshiva students studying in the middle of the night.

A Hospital Encounter Made in Heaven
There is no place like a hospital to bring comrades-in-suffering into close relationships that would never have developed otherwise. This is what happened when Bnei Brak Torah scholar Rabbi Shmuel K. and his wife found themselves in Beilinson Hospital’s ICU unit together with a secular couple from Kiryat Ono, both of them there with very sick children.

The secular Jew and his wife in their moment of suffering held many conversations with the Torah scholar, who explained Judaism’s attitude to suffering. “G-d is fully in control of this world, and it is only His Will that determines who will live and who will die,” Rabbi Shmuel said. “We know that G-d will do the right thing for us, whatever it is.”

He also spoke to him about the power of Torah, the beauty of commandments and a Torah way of life.
After one long conversation in the middle of the night on the importance of yeshivas, the secular father asked Rabbi Shmuel, “Are yeshiva students learning now, at such a late hour? If you can show me 10 bochurim studying gemora at this hour — I will become religious!”

It was two in the morning, and although Rabbi Shmuel wasn’t sure, he decided to take up the challenge. The two left the hospital and ten minutes later were in the Ponovezh yeshiva in Bnei Brak, where Rabbi Shmuel had studied in his youth.

They opened the door of the learning hall and saw… 50 young men in animated study. 

The secular Jew didn’t believe his eyes. When they left the hall, he said, “OK, I’m becoming religious.”
The surprising ending was that shortly after returning to the hospital, his son reached a turning point in his illness and rapidly began to recover. Within 48 hours, they were able to return home to the astonishment of the doctors.