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Baby Found in a Phone Box Reunited With Rescuer 22 Years Later

Adoptee knew she had been found in a telephone box but didn’t know by who.

07.08.16 | 19:52
Joe Campbell holding baby Kiran Sheikh.
Kiran Sheikh found out at the age of 8 that she had been found shortly after she was born in a telephone box and given over for adoption. She had suspected all along that she was adopted because her parents were older and of different skin color than her. When she turned 18, she opened her adoption records and discovered that her mother had given her up because of her violent home life. But one puzzle remained — who was the kind gentleman who had rescued her 22 years before?

Kiran issued an appeal to find the man who rescued her. Joel Campbell was shown Kiran’s appeal by a colleague at work and answered the appeal.

Joe Campbell with Kiran Sheikh.

Kiran said: “I am so overwhelmed, this is unbelievable. “I’ve been waiting 15 years to meet him and he’s finally here.”

Joel, now 52, had gone to the phone box near where he lived to call his parents in Guyana. When he found the baby, he called the police and Kiran was taken to Newham General Hospital, shortly after which she was adopted by a family.

Campbell had kept photos and clippings about Kiran from the time he found her in Forest Gate, East London, hoping he would one day see her again. Joel tried to stay in touch with Kiran, by taking cards, money and gifts to social services until social workers told him to stop.

He said: “This is a beautiful, beautiful day. I am so glad she has got in touch after all this time, I have never forgotten her. I can’t believe she found me.”