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Manuscript of Ben Ish Chai Found In Saddam Hussein’s Offices

New Book of the Ben Ish Chai’s Discourses Printed for the First Time. The 2-volume Birkas Horeyach was printed from a Manuscript Found In Saddam Hussein’s Intelligence Offices.

| 15.08.16 | 11:45
Manuscript of Ben Ish Chai Found In Saddam Hussein’s Offices
After the lost book Kavtziel by the Ben Ish Chai was found 3 years, now another book has been published based on the Ben Ish Chai’s discourses on the weekly Torah reading and the Ethics of the Fathers over two years for the first time. 

The 70 discourses were printed in two beautiful volumes titled Birkas Horeyach (an acronym for HaRav Yosef CHaim). The manuscript was discovered by American troops among 2,700 books and tens of thousands of Jewish documents in a flooded basement of Iraq’s intelligence headquarters after taking over Saddam Hussein’s secret police headquarters in 2003.

The Ben Ish Chai manuscript was taken with all the manuscripts to the United States where it was restored and transcribed. These discourses were unknown until now.

Rav Yosef Chaim was the Torah leader in Baghdad for half a century until his death in 1909, and during this time he gave thousands of discourses and wrote about 30 books.