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Aftermath of Yom Kippur in Israel: Medical Statistics

Yom Kippur in Israel is a day that keeps the emergency medical services busy — but not because of people who are fasting.

Aftermath of Yom Kippur in Israel: Medical Statistics
Magen David Odom, the emergency medical services provider, reports that 2326 people needed emergency medical care this Yom Kippur, a considerable rise over the 2019 who needed medical care last year.

However, only a small percentage was related to fasting: 249 people fainted, became dehydrated or felt sick during the day. Of these, eleven needed to be resuscitated.

Many of the emergency calls were related to leisure activities: 220 people were injured after riding bicycles or rollerblades, and 20 were involved in car accidents. 136 women were transferred by emergency services to the hospital to give birth, and 6 babies were born on the way in an ambulance.

A family of 6 were evacuated to Shaare Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem after suffering from respiratory problems due to inhaling fumes from extermination chemicals sprayed in their home. They are expected to fully recover.