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A Gift for Tair Rada’s Memory

A beautiful curtain for a Torah ark made in her memory.

| 26.01.17 | 17:08
A Gift for Tair Rada’s Memory
Tair Rada, an eighth grade student, was murdered on December 6, 2060 at Nofei Golan school in Katzrin. Over the years there has been controversy over the identity of her murderer saying that the person who was convicted may not have done it. There was even an Israeli television series with interviews and dramatizations of the murder as part of the discussion if justice was meted out to the right person.

One corner of light in this sad story comes from Ortal Gadish a mother of 7 who decided to fulfill a dream and open a factory to produce Judaica and embroidered curtains for Torah arks in synagogues. Ortal gave the Rada family a gift they will always cherish.

Ilana Rada, Tair’s mother did not expect such an amazing gift in memory of her daughter. But Tair’s story affected Ortal Gadish deeply and she wanted to do this for them. The Rada family was overcome with emotion upon receiving the curtain and placing in the ark of their synagogue. Indeed, Ortal Gadish said this was the most emotional piece of work they ever created. Here’s is Ortal’s story:

“I dreamt for many years about entrepreneurship and being personally creative. To do something that would yield income and yet enable me to express my talents and my dreams. A year ago I set out to make it happen. I drew up detailed plans of a factory to produce ark curtains and crafted Judaica. I ordered an embroidery machine from China which had unique dimensions and cost hundreds of thousands of shekels and I started to assemble it. True I was taking a risk but I knew I was doing the right thing. That’s how “Paamon Verimon”, (bell and pomegranate) our ark curtain and Judaica company for synagogues and homes came swiftly into being.

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What do you do in the factory?

“In our workshop we design and embroider crafted holy items of Judaica and all of our manufacturing takes place in our blessed land. We have many types of ark curtains in many different styles to choose from form our catalogue, but what makes us unique is our personally designing and customizing the curtain for the customer. People order a curtain in memory of a loved one or for the success or recovery of family members and we fulfill their requests. When we approach designing the curtain we take into account the synagogue structure and its character, the character of the worshippers and the person they want to commemorate will get a verse with his name or qualities in it.”

“Generally speaking, it should be said that making the curtain is much more than the craft involved. You put your soul into it and a lot of emotion and that’s what makes the curtain successful because in the end it connects the worshippers to G-d through contemplation on the curtain and the Holy Ark.”


Now tell us about this special curtain you made in memory of Tair Rada.

“One of the most emotional curtains we ever made was for Tair Rada’s memory. I saw pictures of Tair’s father who was in a wheelchair and breathed with difficulty who really hope to live to see the synagogue that was being built for his daughter’s memory. Seeing him like that, I immediately decided to donate the ark curtain. I approach Ilana, Tair’s mother and she was happy. I asked her to tell me about Tair for I wanted to make something with a personal touch not just another curtain. Ilana asked me to put a menorah into the curtain and that Tair loved drawing birds.”

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“In the end,” Ortal said, “I designed a menorah but cut down like the life of this pure girl was cruelly cut down.” Shmuel Rada, Tair’s father passed away and on the anniversary of his death, Ilana’s mother, Tair’s grandmother passed away. It was a great merit to go with Ilana to the synagogue to put up the curtain on the Holy Ark in memory of Tair. The emotions in the synagogue ran high. I hope I succeeded lighting up the life of this family. In my opinion, a simple picture of the curtain in the Holy Ark is more powerful than any words. May Tair’s memory be blessed.”