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A Segulah Guaranteed to Work!

Prayers and things you should do at the crack of dawn of the Fast of Esther

| 08.03.17 | 11:02
A Segulah Guaranteed to Work!
Anyone who stretches out his hand (in need) you should give him. On Purim when Jews hold their hands out for assistance from G-d, G-d answers them and doesn’t let them leave empty handed and he gives each one according to his needs.

The holy Zohar writes that Purim is like Yom Kippur meaning that they both have the same spiritual illumination.

In the book Kav Hayashar (written by Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kaidnover) he writes a Segulah (spiritual remedy) that is guaranteed to work which should be done at the crack of dawn the morning of the Fast of Esther (Thursday morning this year):

You should arise at the crack of dawn (See Jewish calendar for time) Wash your hands (Netilat Yadayim) put a coin in charity (you can add to that if you want) and light two (Neshama) 26 hour candles one in honor of queen Esther and the other in honor of Mordechai.

After lighting the candles you should recite Psalm 22 “For the conductor, on the ayeleth hashachar” (morning star). Some recommend saying it 7 times. Then pray that the merit of Mordechai and Esther should stand on your behalf to bring the salvation you need.

Some important points to consider:
  • We get up at the crack of dawn because Esther was called the morning star and the time of dawn is auspicious for nullifying bad decrees.
  • It’s preferable to give silvery toned coins to charity if you can as opposed to gold toned coins since according to Kabbalah silver is the color of kindness and gold is the color of judgment (and also reminds G-d of the Golden Calf)
  • In Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s Likkutei Halchot (Anthology of laws) it’s best to give the charity with both hands and first give one coin and then the rest.
  • For the duration of Purim day it’s good to give charity to the poor and you should give to anyone who asks.
  • It is a proper practice to recite the entire Book of Psalms and to concentrate on the final redemption of Israel in the way of Purim where everything became reversed from bad to good. In that same manner should all the evil decrees upon us be nullified on this day.
These are the words of the Kav Hayashar about this Segulah: “This day is very auspicious for the acceptance of our prayers in the merit of Mordechai and Esther and anyone who needs mercy for something he needs should pray and take the time for himself during the Fast of Esther and first say Psalm 22., as our sages interpreted that Esther was called the “Morning Star”. Afterwards he should pour his heart out before G-d and make his request mentioning the merit of Mordechai and Esther that in their merit G-d should answer his prayers, open the heavenly gates of mercy and willfully grant his request.”

For a short video about the importance of prayer on the Fast of Esther Click Here