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“Mommy Please Tell Me That I’m Good”

“Please don’t tell me that everything I do is wrong!”

“Mommy Please Tell Me That I’m Good”
Dear Mommy, I’m writing this letter with tears in my eyes. Yes I disappointed you again today and again did something I shouldn’t have…

But Mommy, I want you to know and see all the good in me, to pay attention to all the little but special things I do and try to value the efforts I make in the things I do choose to do. Mommy, I’m begging you to really pay attention to the fact that deep inside me I just want to make you happy! I just want you to be happy with me and be proud of me and have satisfaction from me. I really feel terrible when I hurt you like today. I don’t feel good about it at all!

I’m begging you my precious Mommy; please don’t ever tell me everything I do is wrong! I wish you would know that I really want to make you happy just it’s sometimes difficult for me for many reasons, some you know and some you’ll never know…

Mommy, save me! I’m stuck. I don’t have strength to fight any more!

I want you to give me a big  strong hug and support me in these crazy times I’m going through and love me even if I’m not exactly what you wanted me to be.

I love you and truly hope that you’ll understand everything I wrote here even if I would never be bold enough to say it to you.

Your Wayward Daughter.