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Passover 2019

Rare Photos of Passover in the Old Country

Yad Vashem has a Passover Photo Archive full of rare pictures from the “old country” Eastern Europe and even Germany

| 24.04.19 | 16:13
Rare Photos of Passover in the Old Country
As we need to strengthen the memory of the six million with the passing of time the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum put out a Passover Photo archive of Jewish life in Prewar Europe titled "Tell Your Son So You Should Remember”.

Indeed on Passover as we celebrate the leaving of Egypt and becoming a nation we can take the time out to celebrate the personal miracles of survival today. People can recount how their grandparents or great grandparents survived the war, picked up the pieces of their shattered lives and rebuilt life and humanity after witnessing the ultimate inhumanity.

Look at the pictures and multiply them by 6 million. And then be thankful we are here today! 
Jewish Holidays
Passover Greeting Card, Lobomel Poland 1919

Bat Mitzvah
Passover Food Disribution, Vienna , Austria 1921

torah in english
Baking matzot at the home of the Mentsz family in Solotina, Czechoslovakia, in 1935

Jewish videos English
Jewish soldiers and members of the Staszow community, Poland, during a Passover seder organized by the community before the war.

jews in usa
 This and the following matzoh bakinig pictures are from the Herzog factory in Berlin, Germany, 1936

torah meaning
jewish torah

this week's torah portion
Matzos being prepared and baked by hand

weekly torah portion
Passover Seder in Vilna, Poland, April 1940

Jewish Rabbis
Seder for Jewish soldiers in the Polish army, Chojnice, Poland, 1939

A family photograph at the Seder table in Riga, Latvia, before the war (the Khayat, Chait family)

Rabbis Videos English
The Buchhalter family (family of the photo submitter) during a Passover Seder in Warsaw, Poland, 1933 

Jewish Videos
The Gottstein  and Fleischer families. Photographed between 1933-1938

The pictures are taken from Yad Vashem's "Tell Your Son" exhibition.

During the week we will publish a collection of pictures from the Passover holiday that was celebrated before, during and after the war years.