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Passover 2019

What Do Israeli’s Want to Clean For Passover? Ask Google

How do you clean a shofar and how to shine gold? These are just some of the most frequently asked questions before Passover through Google

| 25.03.19 | 12:30
What Do Israeli’s Want to Clean For Passover? Ask Google
Google Israel released an update on the cleanliness issues that interest Israelis most. They also explained that the list they created through the examination of the queries they receive for Passover.

And what’s at the top of the list? For some reason "How to clean Bloodstone shoes" is the most common question. After that was: how to clean appliances - kettle, stove and microwave. Further down the list were cleaning  a mattress, parquet, carpet, windows and a shower stall.

Cleaning large appliances also appeared on Google's list, such as cleaning a dishwasher, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a computer and a toaster.

And which materials did Israelis ask how to clean? The answer is: gold, suede, copper, silver, leather and gold-filled jewelry.

Other interesting objects that appeared on the list of things people want to know how to clean were an aquarium, a shofar, a menorah, a hookah, a mirror, lanterns, coins and an auto exhaust.