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Israel Celebrates the Annual International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Riots in Venezuela continue

Israel Celebrates the Annual International Hot Air Balloon Festival
Southern Israel celebrated The annual International Hot Air Balloon Festival at the Besor National Park, in the Negev region today August 11th. Many strange balloons including giant heads of people were inflated and flown.

Religious young men surprise Israel with their ‘Bagrut’ results: Bagrut tests are Israel’s mandatory high school curriculum tests. Haredi schools don’t always pursue the path of Bagrut exams as they put far more emphasis on Torah studies and less on secular studies. However the Haredi religious schools that do pursue the Bagrut exam route score higher in math and English than the national average. That was one surprise. The other was that they also scored lower on Bible studies probably because the place far more emphasis on Talmud studies. 

There’s nothing like camp in the summer especially the PA “Camp of Martyr Dalal Mughrabi who was responsible for killing 37 Israelis in a 1978 massacre. The PA Ministry of Culture office says the summer camps are very important and they focus on the Palestinian heritage which is very important in Palestinian identity and culture. Earlier this year, Norway learned that its funding was used for a women’s center named after the same woman terrorist. Norway asked to have their logo removed from the building and demanded their money back.

PA Summer Camp highlights include a speech from Abu Mazen to summer camp participants praising their role in the fight to create the Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. He praised the youth who rioted at the temple mount and see them as ‘the future of Palestine’. These students will go back to school refreshed and continue their third world education and incitement funded by UNRWA who blindly funds Palestinian schools as the deep pockets supporting terror.

World news:

Oliver North proposes Israel should supply South Korea with the ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system against the threat of North Korea’s belligerence which may lead to the destruction of South Korea.

Riots continue in Venezuela: Thousands were arrested and dozens killed as security forces in Venezuela use brute force and arbitrary arrests to oppress the anti-government protesters.

A Russian with ties to ISIS was arrested in Turkey for attempting to attack a US Air Force base at Incirlik. The man arrested, Renat Bakiev admitted he planned to take down an American plane mid-flight using a drone to crash into it. Authorities saw him spying and filming the operations at the base and arrested him.

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