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10 Facts about Lefties You Probably Didn’t Know

Left handed people have certain common traits

| 02.01.18 | 11:46
10 Facts about Lefties You Probably Didn’t Know
  1. From 10%-12% of the world population are “lefties”.
  2. There are twice as many male lefties as female lefties.
  3. Being a leftie is hereditary. If both parents are lefties there’s a 50% chance a child will be born a leftie.
  4. Research shows lefties are better at math, architecture, spatial orientation. And righties have better verbal skills.  A considerable amount of lefties are musically gifted and have perfect pitch and hearing.
  5. 7 of the 45 US presidents were lefties (not politically).
  6. Famous lefties include: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Beethoven, Napoleon, Henry Ford, Bob Dylan, Brad Pitt, Kafka, and Tom Cruise.
  7. In the English Royal Family the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William are all lefties.
  8. One study found that lefties process their feelings differently from righties and may be quicker to anger.
  9. Research shows lefties to be more prone to allergies and asthma.
  10. Medical experts found that a lefty that loses use of his left hand will learn new skills with his right hand quicker than a righty will learn skills with his left hand.