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As a result of Hidabroot's many varied activities in communities around the world hundreds of questions came to us from around the world. Responding to this need we established the 'Just Ask' Project as an interactive platform to answer these questions and  spiritual needs in 12 languages. This international question and answer project is in Hebrew, English,Portugese, Russian, French, Spanish, Persian, German, Ukrainian, Dutch, Italian and Hungarian.

All questions are fielded by an experienced Rabbinical staff. Volunteers and workers assist in translating the questions to the other languages. 2 calling centers recieve the questions around the clock. In our generation people are linked up with a smartphone and media and we can use the fact we are a multimedia braodcasting channel with a staff of 450 in 14 departments to our advantage by providing a unique tapestry of questions and answers that comes together with a system linked to the social media to help deal with the many challenges of our generation in most every topic including: Torah and Science, Family Purity, Torah Lectures, Programs, Torah Education, Intimacy, Intermarriage, Domestic Harmony, Addictions, encouraging parents to enroll their children in Torah Schools. This is a world of quality Jewish content meeting the needs of our generation and broacast on our television network, our websites, in all social media, what's app, daily on a steady basis.