Jewish Thought

A Piece of Heaven- Eternal Real Estate



I understand that I have to keep the Torah, and the 613 mitzvahs. I understand that this world that we live in is only temporary and we are all here because G-d wants to cleanse our soul and gets us ready for our afterlife, and part of that is and we have to complete our mission here before to be to go to heaven. I also understand that we may have to hell to cleanse our soul, and pay back for whatever we did not cleanse her on earth before we go to haven. My question to you is this so what if I don’t keep all the Torah and the 613 mitzvahs? From what I understand there are different stages in heaven. Moshe Rabbeinu probably is the greatest person that lived so he would probably live in lets say the Beverly Hills of heaven, where as I the average Joe will probably live in live just the Los Angeles of haven, and  not as good as Beverly hills. So what if I still live in Los Angeles? Don’t we all say that everyone will have a piece of heaven, so what difference does it make what piece you have?


If a person care about the location of his temporary real estate in this world willing to pay a premium price for something more valuable how will he feel if he has only a basic piece of eternal real estate when he could have easily afforded something better... Remember this is for eternity, so why settle for less?