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Self Conversion



Hello. I'm a rabbi jew that converted but the thing is i converted myself because no one in my area is willing to get me through the conversion process. Is this considered ok? I live in a town with very small percentage of Jews. A few rabbis I tried to get a hold of but they were not willing to help me with conversion. So I had no choice but to convert myself. I love Torah. Very much! I followed all of G-D's commandments. Can a conversion just mean that a person is passionate with Torah and loves the jewish people and wants to be part of the Hasidic community good enough? I'm also getting an Aliyah process of me going to live in Israel. And one of the requirements of the Aliyah is to have a letter showing that i covered. If i tell a rabbi that i converted myself due to no one helping me convert, would that be acceptable? I'm also planning to fly to Israel and go to a synagogue over there and learn more Torah. A rabbi doesn't need to go to rabbi school just to learn torah. Because who has $60,000 plus in their pocket? Not many. So could i just learn torah and just be a good rabbi and follow G-D's commandments with zero cost in a Israel synagogue?


To the Questioner, 

There is no question that your desire to convert, and even your personal conversion process itself, is very valuble and respected on High. 

However, according to all Traditional Religious Orthodox Judaism down here in this world, a gathering of three Kosher Jewish Judges who are present at the time of the conversion procedure, is a necessity for the conversion to be accepted as valid. (Y"D 368:3).

Since you do not live in an area with alot of Jews, I would suggest that you consider applying to a Orthodox-Kosher coversion course (it does not cost $60,000) and learn specifically those parts of the Torah that you need to know to prepare yourself for a kosher conversion. Since it seems that you have already learned quite a bit, you will likely be able to advance in the course relatively quickly.

With blessings that you be able to find the right course for you