Jewish Law

Nedarim and Shavuos



Shalom, Do nedarim and shavous require one to mention HaShem's name? In halacha, are we required to say "bli neder... I'll meet you at the park" or something like "I hope to... meet you at the park". If one didn't say one of these lashonos, are they ovair for having not met their friend at the park? Does the mishna breura or another source that I may have access to discuss this? Thanks.


To the Questioner, 

1. Nedarim and shavous do not require one to mention HaShem's name in order to be valid.

2. In halacha, you are only required to say "bli neder" if you state you are going to do something connected to a mitzva, like "Let's meet tomorrow morning to learn at this and this time". 

3. See Nedarim 8a and the Ra"n piece beginning "alav l'hashkim".

With Blessings,
Rav Nachum