Jewish Thought

gilgul( reincarnation)



I have always had this question and I'm very curious about the answer. Is everybody in this generation a gilgul of somebody who lived in a previous life? Let's say someone was married in a previous life and then they come back as a gilgul and got married again. By Techiyat Hametim, who is their spouse? From which life?


To the Questioner,

1. I have not yet studyed in depth the inyan of gilgul, but from what I've heard there are very few "new souls" today. 

2. See this article (in Hebrew) where it is explained, that one soul can subdivide into different parts  - each part coming down to the world at a separate time and in a different body. Eacch one has a different tikun (aspect of correction) to correct. According to one opinion, all those bodies will live again at the time of Techiyat Hametim. Therefore, it is clear that whoever one married in that gilgul, will be his spouse at the time of Techiyat Hametim as well.