Oral Torah



Rabbi, How do you explain to someone that we (jews) received the Oral Torah along with the Written Torah ? Can this be inferred from any verses in the written Torah? Appreciate if you can explain


To the Questioner,

The giving of the Oral Torah  — has a simple proof. Many words
in the Torah only have an explanation because we already know
the explanations from the Oral Torah . Imagine you were living
in the first generation and there was no verbal explanation given
to the words of the Written Torah: G-d says put on “TZITZIS” – and
you’d think, “what are “tzitzis”? It’s just a bunch of syllables. As far
as the syllables, it might just as well have been described as “siztiz”
— what’s that? G-d says put on “TOTAFOS” — what are “totafos” if
there was no additional explanation which was relayed? It’s just a
bunch of syllables!
It comes out that if we were to imagine, that G-d didn’t give the Oral Torah 
explanation, there would be no understanding of the Written Torah
This is the proof that the Oral Torah  must have been given
together with the Written Torah.

With blessings,
Rav Nachum
Source: This proof was heard from Rabbi Daniel Mechanic.