Mixing Ice cream on Shabbat



We liekahvign cie cream for dessert on Shabbat.We like having he ie cream whc has five falvors in one ocntiner. I have onkid hwowatis until the eice cream getssoft dn then mixes hem altogher. Is that Lash -kneading?



Its permitted to mix two difetn falvors together

Gemra Shabbat 55b says: One putsthe flur andputs the water the oen who put sit in last transgresses. Thsis the eoin of Rebbi. R’ Yossi osnof R’yehuda he deosnot transgress until the mixes it.
The Gemra continues: The Rabbis Taught we are not allwedot mix waterwith toasted grainground. (It doesn’t ameka dogh) Soe say it is forbidden. Who forbids it Rav chisda sid R’’ Yossi sonof R’ yehda. The diffence is fi yo are able to mi it with a difernce. Hwo do yo mix diffferntly? Rav Chisda said bit by bit. Eeryone agrees thogh that yo may mix the Shatit  on Shabat, andyo may drink Zeitum Hamitzri. Dint we sya yo are not allowed to mix? YO are not allowed by a thinck mixture but by a thin mixture yo are allowedot adlong as you ix it. How? Rav Yosef says during the week yo add the vinegar fiest and thenthe Shatit, on Shabbat yo should reversethe order.

The rishosn disagree whether Kali, (toasted grain) andShatit are the same thing or not.
Rashi understood they arethe same thing, and if yo make athink mixture then yo may only mix it bit by bit. I fit is athin mixture then yo make mix it by adding the eingredients diffetnlty then how yo add the ingredients regularly.
The Ramabma (Shabbat 21:3) is of the opinion that Kali and Shatitia aren’t the same thing. Lai yoamy mix bit by bit, andShatit depnds if ti is a think c mixture or a thin one. Athn mixture can be mixed regualry and a thinck one one has to change the ordor fhte ingredints.  Hwever both h Rambam and Rashi follow the oopionon off R’ Yossi b’R’ Yehudathat there is no prpblem of jdut putting water on four without mixing.
The SeferHaterumah ruledlke Rebbi, that yo many not pur wateronflur and the Germa permites a thicn mixture by puring bit by bit fi yo pour the water before Sahbat andthen mix on Shabat, but a sthin mixture is lny permitted ifyo switch around the order.

The Shulchan Aruch (OH 321:14) wrties: Do not mx toasted grain flour with water since yo might come knead dogh with regular four, bu tit s permitte to mix it bit by bitbut grain which dint reach a thirdof its growth which is rosted andthenground thnckly like sadn , which is called Shetita yomay mix it with vinegar etc. alto at once to make athin mixturebut a thick mixture is forbidden since it looks lek Losh. (The Rema adds, “A Thin mixture”) yo needot change how yo make it, that firsty put the Shetita an dhten the vinegar.
The Shulchan Aruch rules like the ramabam that a thin mixture doesnot require any change and yo may make one on Shabat. The Rema thogh, needs a change of ingredient oreder(liekt he Sefer Haterumah) .
 What is a htinmixture or a thick one?
The Chzon Ish defines a thick ixture as being do thck ti wont’ pur from one htng to another and a htin mixtue is one that may be pured evneif it not liquid.
Ther are three oopitn:
  1. A thicnk mixture hi cthe Shulchan Aruch permits bi tby bit o by switchgn the eordr of ingredients.
  2. A htin mixture whc the esa said is permitted withoiht nay change, andth eRema requiees a change in order.
  3. A liquidy mixtue which everyone agrees is fine.
There is denintley no problem of mixing tow types of ice cream since neither ingredient isa powder.
One may also alks are w allwoedot mic together two htins wic hae need mixed before?
Igrot Moshe (OH 4:74) permites mixing hard cheese which whct cheese since eac ngedient was already mixed before ahdn.
R’ SZ sysa it is forbiddento mix sugar or jelly with cheese but o may mix it with Leben.
So Ice cream is already mixed in the factory so maybe here it is fine to mix them.wih is mixedlred