Netillat Yadayim with a bandage



I have a bandage on my hand, how should I do Netillat Yadayim?



It is unclear fomr yo rquesotn wht kindof bandage yo hve. IF yo have a little bandage, (Band-aid) andit wont hurt for yo takeoff the bandage andput  new on, then yo should ltake it off and do Netillat Yadayim. If it hurts to take it off an dit can get wt, then yo should do Netillat Yadayim over the bandage. If yo cnat remove it at all thenyo should wash Netillat Yadayim on the reat of yor hand, butyo must e sure you pur a Revvit of water on it.  If yo have two layers and yo cantake ff the outer layerthen you should and washandput it back on.

The Tosefta in MIkvaaot ways: Anything which is ’Chotzetz’is abarrierto water on utensils it also a barrier (Chatzitzah) for aNidda or a Ger, but for mundane things it’s not a chatzitza. The Gemara in Chullin (106b) quotes a diffetn Beraita: Antyhing which is Chotztz for person on his body, tis chotzetz for Netillat Yadayim for Chullin.
Tosfot (Vchol) says ther is an appartn contrdiciton between the two Beraitot. They asnwerthe Germa in Chulin is discussing Cahtztah for Netillat Yadayim of eating, and ther are hachto focatztizah . In MIkvaot ti sidiscussing tochign Chullin which beignkept pure on the level fo Terumah.

The sefer Atzei Almogim ahs adiffetn answer. The rif (Nidda 16a) wrties that there aremany Chatzitzot which areony stringencies foraNida who is Tovel for for Taharot, but for her husband (Chulln) thy are not.That is what he Tosefta means. Tha aTevila of aNidda for Tahatot has the same stirgnncies as Keilim, but for her husband no. The Gemara inChullin is equating a woman immersing  for her husband, and Netillat Yadayim.

After establishing ther is ahalcha of Chatztizah for Netillat Yadayim, the mishan in Mikvaot says (9:2) a bandage on wound is a Chatzitzah for Tevilalh. The Shulchan Aruch wrteis(Oh 161L1): Onemsut be careful not to have a Chatzitzah since anything which is Chotzetz for Tvilalh is also Cotztz for Netillah, like dirtu inder the fingernails above the levelof he finger, or dough under the fingernail even below the felsh, and abandage on your skin.
I seems that one must tke off the bandage to be ble to wash.howeer in 162:10 the Shulchan Aruch wrteis: soemen who has a wound and a plaster on it, it sienogh to wash the res of his hand but n emst be careful tha the water does not touch he plaster lest the water will run off and make hs hadn Tameh, or else pur a Reviit on the hand , and the n the water will not betameh.
One place the Shulchan Aruch says to takeff the plaster and one place sya nto to, so what shod we do?

The Lecehm Cahmudot answers in 161 h wants the palster thaere ubt in 162 he doesn’t care. Menaign soemthgn which a person deostn care fi it son him an dit is Chtoztetz on aml part of his hand ti sinot a Cahtztzitah, however if he deos nto want it there or it cover smsot of  his hand tisi Chtoztetz. In 162 the Shulchan Aruch is discussing where he doesn’t care ifit is ther and sotis nto a chatzitzah, aslng as ti dosncover most of his hand.

The Magen Avraham however answers differtnly. He says eventhogh is iforbiddento eat bread withur dogn Netillat Yadayim and just wrapping it in cloth since yo may touch the bread, by a plaster ti sit different since we are not worried the bread might touch his skin under the bandage.  Sine he wil not take iof because his wound will hurt. In 162 te wound hurts so hwwil not take of the bandsge and so tis permtted to wsh with it and he does nto hav eot take itioff. In 161 he has a small hurt and eh might take fof thebadngage fi it bother him so he must wash underneath.
Accordign to his even if he badage cover smostof his and he is allowed to wash since the a part wil to touch bread.
However accrodignto this if in the middle of the mela the badage falls of The Shaarei Teshuva sysa eh must wash again ek oemen who wrapped his hadns since that part doe not have Metillah. The Beer heitiv wreis that yo don’t/ The Mishna Berura wrtes tha we shod be stringent and wash again.

The Chazon Ish says it sigood idea just to warp the ewhole hand if he ha a bandage hecnat take off. The Mishna Berura mentins this as well but that is just as an Etizah hat he fooshod nto get dirty.