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What was Hashem doing before creation?



My 8 year old daughter asked.
"Before Hashem created the world there was tohu vavohu. If so what was Hashem doing then? was he bored ch"v?"

I would very much appreciate an answer.
Many thanks


To the Questioner, 

I would suggest you ask your daughter the following:

What are the most exciting activities for you? What do you do in order not to be bored? When you do those most exciting things, are you ever bored right in the middle of doing them?

Then tell her that Hashem is the Source for everything that exists and everything comes from Him. Even the tohu va'vohu came from Him - although we don't know what that is. But since He includes everything, that means that all of those exciting activities, and all of those enjoyable activities that you do today, were also availiable to Him. So certainly He was having great pleasure in His Existence before creation, at every single second - although we can't imagine how His pleasure and His experience looked.

Most certainly He was not bored, even though all that existed before anything was only Him. 

With blessings, 
Rav Nachum