Jewish Thought

Conditioned Patterns and Punishment



Another question i have is this: does a person get punished for his sins while he is working on getting better in that area? Meaning, obviously we can't fix everything at once, we are supposed to work on ourselves slowly. So if say, one works on his anger and 1/10 times he succeeds, is there onesh for the other 9 times? If yes, can you explain? Thank you.


To the Questioner, 

Behavior patterns such as you described may be conditioned, and are therefore not always in the realm of a person's free choice until such time that he works out of the conditioning. 

This can take approximately 40 days.  Source: Tzetil Katan 16.

Only what is in the realm of a person's choice would he be rewarded for or punished for. Source: Michtav MiEliyahu, 1 pg 113-114.

Therefore, you need not worry about punishment in such a case, rather just focus on the small consistant, corrective steps. 

With blessing, 
Rav Nachum