zivug sheini



Hi! can you explain concept of zivug sheini? Specifically, if someone marries twice, which is is their true other half? Also, if someone lo alenu dies at a young age (child, young adult) before they can marry , what happens to their original zivug? Did they even have one, since Hashem knew they were not destined to marrry?


To the Questioner, 

This topic is discussed in sefer Olilot Ephraim (vol. 3 - 50), and is explained at length in a Hebrew link:

In summary, there is a decree of a zivug before a person is born, called the first zivug. This decree can be nullified not only by a case of a first marriage that was termionated, but also if for some reason the male or female did not make it to be marriageable at the age of marriage (example - if for some reason due to a heavenly decision based on their free choice, the soul did not survive until marriageable age). Then the original decree is absolved and a second zivug is arranged based on the prayers and the level of virtuous acts of each partner. 

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