Laws of family purity



I learnt that the reason for hilchos niddah is to 'renew' the excitement between husband and wife and keep the relationship fresh. In that case, why is relations permitted for the whole 9 months of pregnancy? Isn't that a long time to go without breaking it up?


To the Questioner, 

The real reason for hilchot Niddah - just like for all the mitzvot - is that this is Hashem's will. 

Often, in regard to one of the mitzvot, we can find a reason according to our understanding that will give us added strength and conviction to do it. But the reason is not the determinant for the technical laws of the mitzva. 

Therefore, the idea of renewal is an idea that can help add strength and conviction to living with the laws of Niddah; but the laws do not change based upon that reason.   A woman who is expecting and does not see any blood, is therefore not subject to any sort of  restriction toward her husband. 

With blessings, 
Rav Nachum