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At Yad Vashem, Trump Also Honored Emily

Emily, a sweet 10 year old girl is already fighting cancer for 7 years. She has an original dream; to meet presidents and other world leaders. She has already met Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel President Reuven Rivlin and other prime ministers and presidents around the world.

When Emily heard that President Trump was visiting Israel her dream resurfaced and she turned to the ‘Whispering of the Heart” organization in Ashdod to help her fulfill her wish. Shimi Gashaid the organization head made contact with the White House and already during his initial contact with the White House, Emily’s request was granted and her future meeting with the president was put into the presidential planning appointment calendar. After details were settled they even sent a special invitation they made just for her, inviting her to meet the President.

On Tuesday Emily’s dream came true and she got to meet the president in a side room in Yad Vashem. The meeting lasted a few minutes in which President Trump asked Emily about her health and how she’s doing. He also thanked Emily for a drawing she made for him and gave him at the meeting.

Shimi Gashaid said: “This was one of the most dramatic meetings I’ve seen. We were happy to see the heartfelt feelings of President Trump. The response of the White House staff was serious and positive, already from the first time I turned to them, Gashaid added. “We sat in Yad Vashem in the first row, along with the first tier of the White House staff. After Trump’s speech the emotional meeting took place in a side room of Yad Vashem.”


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