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Bad Bouncing

Trampoline parks may be loads of fun, but they're causing major injuries to children.

Citing a recent study, leader author Dr. Kathryn E. Kasmire, a pediatrician at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, cited a twelvefold increase in trampoline-related trips to the emergency room in the past few years. “Some of the most serious injuries the kids go at trampoline parks included injuries of the neck or spinal cord and open fractures,” she said.

An open fracture is one in which the bone sticks out through the skin.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children not use recreational trampolines at all, but if they do, to make sure there is constant adult supervision.

Dr. Mitchell Price, a pediatric surgeon and director of pediatric trauma at Staten Island University Hospital agrees, adding, “And it is not recommended for more than one child to be on a trampoline at once.”


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