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Become a partner in the opening of our US Broadcast Studios in NYC.

A Jew who is not aware of his heritage and what it means to be a Jew has no idea why he should marry a Jewish woman and raise a Jewish family.  The scales are stacked against his marrying Jewish and maintaining his Jewish identity.

When you help Hidabroot broadcast in the United States you can tip the scales of assimilation by helping our estranged brothers discover what it means to be Jewish and be proud of it. They will have access to multimedia Jewish content explaining the beauty of Judaism and have a support network to turn to when faced with the challenges of society. Your partnership with us will help us encourage their choosing to marry Jewish and raise Jewish families, all thanks to you and your donation. There's no better way to gstart the New Year than helping bring G-d's nation come back to him. Show G-d you care about your brothers, His children that didn't get your Jewish education.

Tip the scales on assimilation and tip the scales in your favor with the greatest merit of helping your brothers as you enter the New Year.

Give today!

Or donate at this link: https://www.jewcer.org/project/jewish-tv/

See what your donation will do in this video below     



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