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Belgian tennis player to Maccabi player: ‘You should all have been gassed’

At a tournament of the VTV national tennis association of the Flemish Region held in Antwerp on July 22, an irate player told a Jewish competitor on the court, “All of you should have been gassed.”

The incident occurred over a dispute concerning the validity of a point that Jewish player Serge. S. lost to Alain Verlaak, who was leading in the match.
The club management suspended the match and removed Verlaak from the tournament.

Serge S. believes that the club acted correctly, but says Verlaak should be banned from playing in association matches. Serge S. also filed a criminal complaint against Verlaak with police.

The editor of the local Jewish newspaper Joods Actueel, Michael Freilich, said he plans to speak to the Belgian interior minister and justice ministry concerning the need to impose a fine system for hate speech, including against Jews.

He believes that getting a fine for hate speech, like for speeding, would have a deterrent effect against hate speech.


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