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Bitcoin; What Do You Do If You Forgot Your Code?

Israel news:

The Teva strike continues as strikers stand out in the rain outside the home of Amir Elshtein’s the senior board member who spearheaded the layoffs.

Danger drones: The security/ political cabinet discussed dealing with the threat of drones being used against Israel in future military campaigns. Responsibilities were divided up between relevant security forces with special emphasis on further technological development to help stop the threat of drones.

World news:

“I bought Bitcoin but forgot the code” was the claim made by a few people recently who are trying to cash in on their investment which grew exponentially. The only problem is that their potentially newfound wealth is out of reach without the code. Someone purchased 15 Bitcoin for $260 in 2013 which is now worth $300,000 but can’t access that wealth as he lost his codes.

Guatemala is moving its embassy to Jerusalem following Trump's declarationLast night Guatemala President Jimmy Morales announced that the embassy of his country is moving to Jerusalem. In his Facebook page he mentions that his decision was after a long conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

A small plane crashed outside of Tampa, Florida after entering thick fog and went up in flames upon crashing. The local Sherriff Grady Jode said there was no chance of survivors.

Tunisia is blocking United Arab Emirates flights over its country after the UAE prohibited Tunisian women from flying to it.


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