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Black Ice Cream! Yummy!

If you think about it cola is also a dark drink that didn’t exist just over 100 years ago. Black ice cream spread around a few countries starting in New York and getting to Los Angeles, India, England and Russia. It also made it to Tel Aviv and is made by 2 companies, Buza and Iceberg.

Iceberg’s black ice cream is made with burned coconut shells for the coloring and is coconut flavored. Buza’s ice cream is peanut butter flavored and they claim their black coloring is from zinc. Adam Ziv CEO of Buza said that since these ice creams were so successful in the states they decided to go with the bold idea also in Israel.

A Yediot Acharonot newspaper reporter went to 2 branches to taste some and was surprised to find many people like it very much! He said he was originally afraid to try it but then after tasting it he thinks it’s going to be addictive.

As for charcoal consumption some say it should not be allowed to be ingested and don’t eat it. Other say charcoal is good for your teeth and whitens them.

And what about zinc?  Dr. Sean Portal a clinical dietician says “Zinc is a mineral necessary for life found in almost every one of our cells. It strengthens the immune system, heals wounds and is needed to create our DNA. It is also vital for proper growth and development. Zinc is found mainly in beef, fortified breakfast cereals, chicken, legumes, nuts and whole grains. Now it’s ice cream too.

Buza tells us that if you eat one scoop of our black ice cream daily you will have gotten your recommended daily amount of zinc.
We hope they both get kosher certification soon so we can try it too!


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