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Chain of Miracles within the Great Pain: Remarkable Stories of Passengers Saved from the Tragedy

Yated Ne'eman reported a number of fascinating stories of passengers who missed the fatal bus ride near Modi'in Illit. The stories are a ray of light in the painful darkness that covered the city yesterday. Here are the stories.
The Suitcase was not Heavy

A young student Avraham M. stood at the bus stop waiting for line 304 in order to travel to a Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Just one minute before the bus arrived, an acquaintance of the family stopped him and offered him a ride to Jerusalem. Avraham replied that he had a heavy suitcase and didn’t want to burden him, “anyway, I can see the bus behind you, I’’ll catch it”.

But the driver of the car did not give up: “Do you want me to lose my mitzvah because of the little trouble of putting a suitcase in the trunk?” He got out of the car and helped him lift the suitcase into the trunk.

Avraham had already arrived in Jerusalem when he heard that his family was desperately searching for him. His frightened mother knew that he was supposed to be on the bus, she was sure that if his name was not on the list of wounded, the worst could be true. Then it became clear to Avraham and his family that the act of kindness by a fellow Jewish resident of Modi'in Illit saved the young man from the disaster.
The Mitzvah of Honoring Parents

Rabbi David W. also travels on the 304 bus line every day. Unlike his regular routine, on that painful Sunday, Rabbi David wondered whether he should travel on the bus while making a call to his sick father's doctor.

At first he planned to talk to the doctor during the trip, but when he saw that the bus was full, he decided it was not respectful to speak about his father’s illness in front of others. In a moment's decision, R’ David decided to stay at home for a while and talk to the doctors in private about his father.

Thus he missed the bus, and was able to truly feel the words of the Torah: “Honor your father and your mother … so that your days may be long.”
Change of Place on the Bus

Also Chaim Y. made his way to a Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He climbed on the bus and sat in an empty seat near the middle. After a few moments he thought to himself that since there was a woman sitting in front of him, he should rather not sit behind her. Chaim got up and moved to another seat on the left side of the bus.

It was not until later, when he climbed through the front windshield of the bus, that Chaim realized the enormity of the miracle. When he saw the fate of those who sat on the right side of the bus, he internalized the Divine Providence that guided him to safety.
“The Pages of the Gemara (Talmud) Protected Him”

Y.K, a yeshiva student from Modi'in Illit, was on line 304 on his way to Jerusalem. He described the moments of horror: “I was on my way to a Yeshiva in Jerusalem when the accident took place, it took seconds; when I found myself outside the bus I had the feeling that I was in a nightmare …”

“The scene was devastating, cries and screams for help were heard from the bus, and then there was a deathly silence … It looked like a scene of a mass terror attack. I tried to be momentarily apathetic to what was going on so that it would not affect me. Rescue forces arrived quickly at the scene and offered help. A caring boy walked around and distributed water to the wounded.”

Y's mother joined the conversation, saying to the reporter: “Write that I thank G-d for giving us our child as a gift. He is a child who sits and studies Torah diligently. The pages of the Gemara guarded him …”


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