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Chosen Nation: G-d Gave the Torah Only To Us; Isn’t That Discrimination? Part 4

Tali asked a question if G-d not giving the Torah to the nations is discrimination. In Part 1 and Part 2 we said that contrary to the religions based on Judaism, Judaism requires a life altering commitment to it as opposed to just “believing in him”. The nations haven’t even kept the minimum commitment to the 7 Noahide mitzvoth. Click here for Part 1 and Click here for Part 2.  In Part 3 we discussed that though the nation’s progress toward morality is slow they will still receive their reward. Click here for Part 3.

We will now continue to answer why G-d gave the Torah only to the Jews and why it’s not discrimination.

G-d created the world as a kingdom with a hierarchy. Different servants of the king have different levels in this hierarchy. Israel is the nation highest in this hierarchy closest to the King and the world rests on their shoulders as the verse says: “And you will be for me a nation of priests.” (Exodus 19, 6)

In the world  this hierarchy is necessary. A frog can’t be a horse nor can a horse become a frog. There’s no reason for one to be jealous of the other and each creature has its own unique reality with its own needs and characteristics. This is what gives nature its beauty and harmony in the world.

Similarly a man wasn’t meant to be a woman and a woman wasn’t meant to be a man and both together make a whole person. Their complimentary physical and emotional natures were meant to complete one another and they’re not meant to competewith each other; that would toatlly miss the popint of why they were created.

We can safely say that the nations are not in a “religious competition” with us! Their reality is different than ours and they have their purpose in G-d’s creation. It’s a fact that billions of Chinese lived for thousands of years accepting the reality of a simple life without wanting more than that. The world is structured that a farmer wants to live as a farmer and doesn’t seek the trappings of royalty or tiresome advanced logic. Likewise a minister can’t bear to become a farmer either.

This means that just a smaller man won’t be thirsty if he drinks according to his size a non-Jew needn’t feel cheated out that he didn’t get the full load of mitzvoth a Jew got. He naturally won’t feel a lack for it’s not in his nature. His share in the world to come will also be according to his needs and what he fulfilled in this world with no desire for more. G-d loves all of His creation and gives them according to their needs.


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