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Clinton & Trump: Where Are They Now?

With recent national polls putting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a deadlock, both candidates are pulling out all the stops.
Clinton is pressing into reliably red Arizona Wednesday as she tries to steal the Republican state away from Donald Trump.

While Clinton has headed into deep and risky Republican waters in Arizona, Trump – reinvigorated by the FBI’s new email review – has focused his attention on Florida, a crucial state for the Republican party.

With 270 electoral college votes needed to claim victory, both Clinton and Trump are also enlisting their most prized possesions – popular surrogates – to aid them in their campaigns.

President Barack Obama is campaigning for Clinton in North Carolina, where he encouraged unregistered voters to register so that “we can finish what we started eight years ago.” Likewise, Vice President Joe Biden made two appearances in Florida, both in Tampa and in Palm Beach Gardens, to support the Democratic candidate.

Mike Pence, Trump’s runningmate is making three stops in three different states. Today, in Mesa, Arizona, to a crowd 750-strong, the Indiana governor said, “We’re going to have a government as good as our people, we’re going to drain the swamp,” repeating the refrain of the Trump-Pence ticket.

Will You Vote For Your Gender-Preferred Candidate?
Across all Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, and Arizona, men are more likely to vote for Trump, whereas women are more inclined to support Clinton. 

Who came to your neighborhood? Who will be you voting for/ Let us know in the comments below!


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