Pregnancy and Abortion

Closing a Circle; Doctor Treats Man Who Saved Him from Abortion

38 years ago Michael Gardiner a father of a boy and a girl lived in the Romema neighborhood of Haifa near the Carasso family. Mrs. Vera Carasso found out she was expecting and for some reason had 2 x- rays done on her a week before she found out. Because x-rays could harm a fetus she seriously considered aborting the child. Being hesitant she went to Mrs. Gardiner to unburden and Mrs. Gardiner told her to speak to her husband who was a physicist.

Gardiner recounts the story: “My neighbor told me she made a tragic mistake getting an x-ray done while pregnant. Indeed 40 years ago it was considered something very dangerous. So I started researching the literature on radiation exposure and I concluded that she needn’t worry and she doesn’t need to abort.”

“I took a great responsibility upon myself and I actually couldn’t sleep for a few days, but I couldn’t bear the possibility of abortion which is killing a life, especially since it wasn’t necessary.”

Vera kept her pregnancy and Yariv Carasso was born. Vera recounts: “If Michel Gardiner hadn’t done all that research for me chance are I would have aborted not to take any risks.”

The families eventually parted ways, Yariv grew up and completed his studies becoming a medical doctor and is currently a Doctor in the hematology ward in the Rambam Hospital in Haifa. Gardiner who needed treatment for an ailment affecting his blood was treated by Dr. Carasso. When the doctor left the room Michael’s daughter told him that she thinks he’s the son of their former neighbors. Ultimately they got Vera’s phone number and she confirmed; “the doctor that treated you is my son who you convinced me not to abort. He was born because of you.”

Vera messaged her son (the doctor) telling him about the patient he had just recently seen. The doctor said: “I knew my mother had an x-ray when she was pregnant with me but I had no idea this man was the one who convinced my mother not to abort me! My mother just wrote “you should know that because of him you were born.” I’m full of admiration for the man who did all that research for my parents and actually saved my life. For me, taking care of him and giving him medical treatment is a great and rare opportunity to close a circle!”


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