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Conquest of Europe By Islam Proceeding Step by Step

France's director of domestic intelligence, Patrick Calvar, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal last month that confrontation with France’s 15,000 Salafists (radical Muslims) is inevitable. Their “radical-fundamentalist creed dominates many of the predominantly Muslim housing projects at the edges of cities such as Paris, Nice or Lyon. Their preachers call for a civil war, with all Muslims tasked to wipe out the miscreants down the street.” 
Gatestone Institute reports that these Salafists openly challenge France's way of life and do not make a secret of their willingness to overthrow the existing order in Europe through violent means, terror attacks and physical intimidation. 

But there is in fact another threat, even more dangerous — “the quiet conquest”. It is Islam's project of producing submission. Its ambition is clear: changing French society. Slowly but surely.

In France, the quiet conquest has the face of the Union of the Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF), which does not encourage the integration of Moslems in France and provides a nursery for the most radical Islamist positions.

Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris last year called for the conversion of churches into mosques and asked to “double” the number of mosques in France.

In the United Kingdom, mainstream Muslim organizations are dispensing “Islamic justice” through more than 85 sharia courts attached to mosques. Divorce, polygamy, adultery and wife-beating are only some of these courts' matters of jurisprudence. 

Saudi Arabia has been financing Islamic extremism in Europe for years. Saudi Arabia last year offered to build 200 new mosques in Germany.
Qatar, with its Al Jazeera television megaphone, is very active in sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood Islamic radicalism all over Europe. 

Today in Europe, several scenarios are possible. Many are beginning to talk of a civil war, including Patrick Calvar, the director of domestic intelligence. The Islamic State is looking for a blind repression so that the Muslim population will show solidarity with the revolutionary minority.

Violent jihadis, however, are not the only means of transforming Europe, and perhaps are even counterproductive: they could awaken the nations they attack. Soft and more discreet means such as social pressure and propaganda are more effective because they are harder to see, such as the West's acceptance of dual judiciary and legal systems; sharia finance, and the proliferation in the West of mosques and extremist Islamic websites.
The current Islamic mainstream agenda is saying: “Dear Europeans, continue to think about a shorter working week, early retirement, fun and hedonism. With your laws, we will conquer you. With our laws, we will convert you”.


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