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Construction Begun on Gaza Wall and Underground Barrier

The IDF has begun its largest project ever to protect Gaza border Jewish towns from terrorist fire and tunnel attacks: a barrier that will extend several stories above and below ground and will completely encircle the Gaza Strip. The project is slated to cost NIS2 billion and the government promises that there is a budget for the project. 

The new project is meant to restore the feeling of security to the small, mostly agricultural communities in this area.

Today, the area is quieter than it has been in a decade, but at least three new tunnels have been detected over the past year, and rockets are still fired periodically from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Many military analysts here say it is only a matter of time before Hamas attacks Israel again.

“Hamas is busy preparing its forces for any future attacks on Israel,” said an officer, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “In the short term, they want quiet. But in the long term, they want war. It is unavoidable.”



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